Money back guarantee? Surely it’s a win-win situation for your new website

Money Back Guarantee
WBW offers a money back guarantee

I’m not going to plug our We Build Websites offers too often since this blog is intended to be a pool of information that will help beginners create an online presence and maintain it. However, I do think this is worth sharing with you.

The Team here at WBW has been creating websites since 2008 and we have delighted, very happy clients.

If you are unsure of who to choose for your new website, then We Build Websites offers a money back guarantee. Seriously!

The way it works is that we ask for a deposit from you before we start the design of your website. Then we talk to you, take a brief and design your website based on how you want it to look. If you aren’t happy, though, you don’t have to put up with it. You simply tell us you’re not happy and we will refund your deposit. You are free to go somewhere else and you’ve not lost anything.

(Oh, and for a limited time there is also a 10% discount for anyone who mentions this code WBWMBG when they ENQUIRE)

You can’t lose.

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