Why You Should Attend Networking Events

The next article in our series of blog posts looking into the best marketing practices for small businesses is attending networking events.

Networking events are special events which are held with the intention of letting business owners meet other business owners and to encourage dialogue and the formation of new working partnerships between these people. These events can be great for small businesses with low budgets to form new partnerships and relationships.

The ability to successfully network is a crucial skill for any business owner, it is one of the main methods of gaining and meeting contacts and clients. Some of the advantages of networking are as follows:

  • Raising Your Profile

The ability to raise your profile and become more visible is a great benefit of networking events. Especially for small businesses who may have less disposable income available to spend on large scale marketing activities. Regularly attending and being active at networking events ca really help to raise the profile of your brand as you will be top of mind within a particular industry. If you get your brand and message regularly in front of the right people then it can help to raise awareness and visibility of your brand which can help to increase leads and referrals.

  • It’s About Who You Know

Another benefit of networking events harks back to the age old saying ‘it’s not what you know, its who you know’. If you want to have a really successful business, then you must have a solid foundation of relevant business contacts which you can call upon to help your business thrive. Attending networking events provides a great opportunity to connect and form strong relationships with people that you could potentially help you in your business ventures. These people that you have relationships will also have lists of contacts themselves who they can put you in contact with. These will often be people that you would not have had the chance to connect with otherwise.

  • To Stay on Trend

Attending networking events that are hosted or attended by multiple people who are in the same industry as you are or people who fit into your target market is a great way to get to know the current trends that are affecting the industry or the target market. The valuable information that you can gain at these events can give you a considerable advantage over your competition.

  • Recruitment

If you are looking for new employees, then business networking events can be a great place to search the marketplace. Often these networking events will be held exclusively for one industry and so there is a high chance that relevant potential employee will be in attendance. You will be able to strike up conversations with these people and make clear your need and understand their needs. There is a good chance that you may find the person you were looking for, if you don’t then you have gained one more business contact.

If you are looking to find a networking event that may be relevant for your business then this page is a great place to start.



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